Scrall Action Language Specification

Scrall is a conceptual design of a tool independent, open source action language that specifically supports xUML. Like the rest of xUML it is built on firm mathematical and logical foundations. It is not some kind of high level Java.

Platform independence

In fact, Scrall doesn’t care whether or not your generated or written code will be object-oriented or not. More to the point, Scrall makes it easy to express essential computation precisely without bending you toward any particular design or implementation ideas. You can perform powerful operations on sets of instances, relational variables and data types that can be as simple or complex as you need them to be.

Maximum concurrency

Scrall is based on concurrent data flow semantics so you are never forced into specifying arbitrary sequencing. If two computations have no essential data or control dependency, they can be implemented in any convenient order or none at all.

Clear communication

When you write your actions in Scrall, you can express your model processing with a minimum of verbosity and procedural gymnastics. This both makes it easier to generate clean code and makes it easier to read and evaluate your activities.

Everything in one PDF!

Here is a link to the complete 114 page specification in PDF form. Enjoy! If you have comments, feel free to add them in the discussion group here, in the LinkedIn Executable UML group, or anywhere you can find Leon Starr on social media (pretty much everywhere).