Attribute Derivation

This is an Attribute that participates in a formula to compute the value of a Derived Attribute. The specific role in the Formula is not captured as a Formula specification language has not yet been formalized in xUML.


Source attribute - constrained

Attribute.Name — The Attribute contributing to a derivation. The value pair of Source attribute + Source class may not match the value pair of Target attribute + Target class. In other words, an Attribute may not be derived from itself.

Source class - constrained

Attribute.Class — Of the Attribute contributing to a derivation. See Source attribute above.

Target attribute

Derived Attribute.Name — The value of this Attribute is derived, in part, from the Source attribute.

Target class

Derived Attribute.Class — Of the Attribute that is derived.


Attribute.Domain and Derived Attribute.Domain — The Domain of both Source and Target Attributes.


  1. Source attribute + Source class + Target attribute + Target class + Domain
    Standard association class Mx:Mx identifier composition with the Domain attribute merged.



Derived Attribute is derived from one or many Attribute
Attribute contributes to the value of zero, one or many Derived Attribute

By definition, a Derived Attribute must be computed from at least one other Attribute.

An Attribute of any type, including Derived, may contribute to the computation of a Derived Attribute (other than itself). The specific role, or roles played by an Attribute in Derivation is determined by the Formula specified for the Derived Attribute.